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The laboratory in principle provides all it's equipment and instrumentation for measurement services to the national or international industry. However the majority of services provided by the laboratory do not concern the execution of certain types of measurements to specified samples. Instead the laboratory is confronted by external customers with questions the answering of which requires to a certain extend the execution of research. In that sense the laboratory executes service in the form of research. Below a list of services provided by the laboratory to external customers.

External Customer

Service Required

HispanoFerritas-Spain Product failure causes identification
Ferroxcube-the Netherlands Benchmarking and competitor material analysis and evaluation
FerPol-Poland Method development for unit operation and process control
Filippoloulos-Greece Evaluation of membrane processes for BOD reduction in olive oil refineries below the specified limit for biological treatment acceptance
Municipality of N.Efkarpia-Greece Evaluation of atmospheric pollution around the community
Siemens-Greece Accelerated life time test methods in telecom modules.
Core Consulting-Germany Evaluation of nanoparticles prepared by different methods
Thyssen Krupp Stahl-Germany Evaluation of membrane process for upgrading liquid waste streams
Institute of Materials, Demokritus-Greece Preparation of spinel ferrite targets for gas phase deposition
Universiy of Ioannina-Greece Testing of the catalytic activity of various perovskite materials