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The Natural Resources and Renewable Energies Laboratory (NRRE) is one of the founding research units of CPERI, established in 1985.

Technological targets of applied and basic research at NRRE include development and optimization of :
  • Advanced processes for desalination, potable water purification, waste-water treatment and reuse; membrane and hybrid membrane – advanced oxidation processes.
  • Novel membrane processes for a broad spectrum of industrial separations; i.e., removal of pollutants from effluents, and recovery of valuable products from agricultural residues and industrial byproducts.
  • Tools for assessment and mitigation of environmental pollution and its effects, focused on human health impact and related monitoring.
  • Methods for utilization of renewable energies, including geothermal energy exploitation, as well as solar energy utilization for water treatment and desalination.
  • Multi-phase processes, including packed beds, heat exchangers, separation,flocculation and dispersion equipment




                                            Initial stage of crystalline deposit formation on RO membranes