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 1. Advanced membrane processes for water treatment and industrial separations
  • Design and optimization of integrated membrane and hybrid processes for desalination, potable water and  waste-water treatment.
  • Membrane colloidal fouling and scaling. Assessment and mitigation methods.
  • CFD and experimental studies of flow and transport phenomena in membrane modules for equipment development and optimization of operating conditions.
  • Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR) for municipal and industrial waste-water treatment
  • Development of sensors and advanced process monitoring equipment
2. Environmental pollution - Impact on human health, modeling, monitoring
  • Assessment of aggregate and cumulative human exposure to mixtures of environmental pollutants through all environmental media
  • Design and optimization of technological strategies for the protection of public health from exposure to environmental pollutants
3. Utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Assessment of geothermal fluids and processes for various applications
  • Direct utilization of RES (solar) for water desalination and effluent treatment
4. Dynamics of liquid/liquid, gas/liquid and solid/liquid systems
  • Advanced simulation of processes involving population balances combined with spatially distributed phenomena.
  • Simulation of evolving dilute dispersions in process equipment 
Activities related to Membranes, Water and Wastewater Treatment