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In Progress
Chaitidou, S., “Hybrid Materials: Biomolecule-polymer Conjugates for Drug Delivery and Biosensor Applications”
2. Dompazis, G., “Dynamic Simulation of Olefin Polymerization Fluidized Beds Reactors: Prediction of the Particle Size Distribution of Polymeric Particles”
3. Karakosta, P., “Controlled Release Systems for Pulmonary Delivery of Proteins/Peptides”
4. Kotrotsiou, O., “Study of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications”
5. Kotti, A., “Experimental and Theoretical Study of Self-Assembled Systems and Their Applications in Nanotechnology” (2004)
6. Krallis, A., “Dynamic Simulation and Non-Linear Optimization of Industrial Polymerization Processes using Collocation Methods”
7. Kretza, E., “Development οf Microencapsulation Techniques with Applications in Chemical Technology and Biotechnology”
8. Mantourlias, Th., “Immobilization of enzymes in polymeric matrices, microcapsules and ceramic monoliths and their application in biopolymers production”
9. Mastrogeorgopoulos, S. “Application of Dynamic Optimization Methods in Polymerization Processes”.
10. Meimaroglou, D., “Mathematical Simulation, Optimization and Control of Particulate Polymer Processes using Population Balance Equations”
11. Mouratidis, D., “Application of the Monte Carlo and Gibbs Ensemble Methods on the Study and Prediction of the Thermophysical Properties and Phase Diagrams in Polymer Systems”
12. Patronidou, C.S., “Development of Targeted Polymeric Carriers for the Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceutics”
13. Saliakas, V., “Non-Linear Model Based Control of Polymerization Reactors
14. Touloupides, V., “Development of an integrated mathematical model for the prediction of molecular and morphological properties of polymer particles produced in multi-stage industrial a-olefin polymerization reactors”

1. Achilias, D.“An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Diffusion-Controlled Free-Radical Copolymerization Reactions”, (1991)
2. Bachtsi, A. “Development of Novel Microencapsulation Methods for Controlled Release Applications”, (1997)
3. Boutris, C. “An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Thermodynamic Behaviour of Water-Soluble Polymers and Gels”, (1997)
4. Chatzidoukas, C. “Polymerization Reactor Modeling, Design, Optimization and Control” (in collaboration with the Imperial College, Britain) (2004)
5. Dimos, V. “Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Heterogeneously Catalyzed Olefin Gas and Liquid Phase Polymerization”
6. Dini, E. “Molecular and Nano-Scale Drug Delivery Systems” (2004)
7. Fratzikinakis, C. “Modeling and Trajectory Control of Semi-Batch Emulsion Copolymerization”
8. Giagopoulos, A. “Mathematical Modeling of Olefin Plastomer and Elastomer Polymerization Reactors Using Heterogeneous Catalysts”.(2001)
9. Giannoulakis, H. “Study of Gas Phase Olefin Polymerization Using Metallocene Catalysts”.(2001)
10. Hatzantonis, H. “Mathematical Simulation of Polymeric Particle Behaviour in a Fluidized Bed Reactor”, (1999), (in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department, AUT, Greece)
11. Kammona, O. “Development of Characterization Techniques for the Study of Emulsion Copolymerization Reactions”, (1999)
12. Kanellopoulos, V. “Mathematical and Experimental Study of Morthological Polymer Particle Properties in the Heterogeneous Catalytic Polymerization of Gaseous Olefins” (2006)
13. Kehagia, Z. “Characterization and Removal of Monomers and Volatile components from Polymers Produced by emulsion Polymerization” (2004)
14. Keramopoulos, A. “Mathematical Modeling of Polymerization Reaction Kinetics and Phase Equilibria at High Conversions”
15. Kotoulas, C. “Prediction of Particle Size Distribution in Suspension Polymerization Reactors” (2006)
16. Lazaridis, N. “New Generation Surfactants for the Latex Polymerization Process and High Quality Environmentally Friendly Coatings”
17. Mourikas, G. “Mathematical Modeling, and Optimization of Batch Polymerization Reactors”, (1998) (in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, Britain)
18. Papazoglou, M. “Multivariate Statistical Process Control (SPC) of Batch Polymerization Reactors”, (1998) (in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, Britain)
19. Parouti, S. “Investigation of the Kinetics and the Molecular weight Distribution in Semi-Batch Emulsion Polymerization Reactors” (2004)
20. Pladis, P. “Dynamic Behaviour, Steady-State Multiplicity and Non-Linear Control of High Pressure Tubular and Vessel LDPE Reactors”, (2000)
21. Roussos, A. “Development of a Solution of Population Balance Equation. Application in Emulsion Polymerization Reaction” (2004)
22. Sidiropoulou, E. “Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of a VCM Suspension Polymerization Reactor”, (1997)
23. Stavropoulos, J. “Multivariate Statistical Control of the Chemical Processes”
24. Toubeli, A. “Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophilic Polymeric Membranes for Controlled Release Applications”, (1999)
25. Tzika, M. “Experimental Investigation of the Production of Controlled Release Fertilizers Using Physical and Chemical Encapsulation Methods”
26. Verros, G. “Modeling and Real-Time Optimization of a Batch Suspension Polymerization Reactor ", (1994)
27. Voutetakis, S.Computer Aided Operation and Control of a Batch Suspension Polymerization Reactor”, (1992).

Diploma Thesis

1. Λάμπρου Αλ. (2006),"Μελέτη της Παρασκευής Υβριδικών Πολυμερικών Νανοσωματιδίων με τη Μέθοδο του Πολυμερισμού Μινι-Γαλακτώματος"
2. Κυπαρισσίδης Αλ. (2006), "Ανάλυση Ευαισθησίας Μεταβολικών Μονοπατιών"
1. Βιττώριας Ι. (2003), "Δυναμική Προσομοίωση Πολυμερισμού Στυρενίου"
2. Κουτούφαρης Ι. (2003), "Πρόβλεψη της Εσωτερικής Μορφολογίας Αναπτυσσόμενων Πολυμερικών Σωματιδίων κατά τον Ετερογενή Καταλυτικό Πολυμερισμό Αέριων Ολεφινών"
3. Μεϊμάρογλου Δ. (2003), "Επίλυση Προβλημάτων Δυναμικής Βελτιστοποίησης σε Συστήματα Ομοπολυμερισμού και Συμπολυμερισμού"
1. Xakis J. (2001), “Kinetic Study of the Semibatch Emulsion Tripolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate/Butyl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid (???/BuA/AA)”
2. Hatzipartali K. (2001), “Design of User Friendly Interface Graphic System for the Mathematic Simulation of the Kinetics of Emulsion Polymerization Reactions ”
3. Kotsifos G. (2001), “Mixture Phenomena of Ethylene Polymerization Reaction in Autoclave Reactors ”
4. Kanellopoulos V. (2001), “Mathematical Modeling of Polymer Particle Growth in Heterogeneous Catalytic Olefin Polymerization ”
1. Boultouka, T. (2000), "Mathematical Modeling of Particle Size Distribution - Application in Vinyl Chloride Polymerization"
2. Chronis, A. – Levis, A. (2000), “Theoretical and Experimental Study of Dispersion Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide”
3. Delichristos C. – Mouratides D. (2000), “Phase Equilibria Simulation in Ethylene-Polyethylene Mixtures”
4. Koutsodimitropoulos C. (2000), “Installation, Modeling and description of Batch Reactors and Control Systems”
5. Kiriakidou E. (2000), “Production and Characterization of PHEMA and PHPMA Gel Microparticles produced by Suspension Polymerization”
6. Karatrantos A. (2000), “Mathematical Simulation of the Stripping Process of Polymers from Monomers”