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The LPRE invites collaborations with industrial firms and government agencies interested in utilizing the expertise available in the Laboratory. A number of industry interactions have been developed. Several contract agreements are in place and a number of new applications are currently pending. Technology transfer agreements can be developed on a case-by-case basis. Currently, the following industry-laboratory collaborations are in progress:
  • Mathematical modeling of the BORSTAR fluidized bed reactor (BOREALIS).
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of emulsion polymerization of VCM (SOLVAY S.A.).
  • Modeling and simulation of vinylidene fluoride polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide (SOLVAY S.A.)
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of suspension polymerization of VCM (ATOFINA).
  • Modeling of particle size distribution and rheological properties of acrylic latexes in emulsion polymerization reactors (ATOFINA).
  • Modelling and simulation of vinylidene fluoride batch emulsion polymerization (ATOFINA)
  • Mathematical modelling of high pressure ethylene - vinyl acetate tubular reactors (SPA/ DUPONT)
  • Confinement of selected actives into novel microencapsulation systems (HENKEL)