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The Institute's research achievements have had significant impact within the field of chemical engineering and there is plenty of evidence that the S&T results of CPERI are being successfully transferred to the marketplace. In addition to basic and applied research, CPERI pursues actively technology transfer and the development of new commercial products and services.


These achievements have been recognized by the international industrial community and have resulted in the award of several industrial research and technical service contracts. Furthermore, they provide much needed guidance to align CPERI's research activities towards the satisfaction of current technological needs. The success of CPERI in offering industrial research services is a reflection of the quality and innovative character of its research and technological developments.

In addition to the above research achievements, CPERI counts among its achievements the:

  • Establishment of the Thessaloniki Technology Park (TTP)
  • Development of unique laboratory and experimental facilities
  • Establishment of the Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH)
  • Offering of a creative work environment to young talented researchers and engineers
  • Establishment of long term research framework agreements with leading international corporations
  • Establishment of a rapidly growing spin-off company in the petrochemical catalyst services area (CPERI Solutions) and incubation of 2 soon to be launched additional companies in advanced simulation software (Polymers) and magnetic shielding technology (Fields).
  • Establishment of worldwide reputation for CPERI researchers, many of who enjoy frequent invitations to present plenary/keynote and other invited lectures at international conferences.

According to the results of the latest assessment commissioned by GSRT to an independent international expert committee (2005) CPERI received the first position among the 52 Research Institutes of the GSRT that were evaluated. During an earlier similar evaluation (2000) CPERI was ranked as a center of excellence on international scale.

CPERI's researchers enjoy significant recognition and have been awarded several prestigious international prizes for their research achievements...

...and awards: