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CPERI must maintain its leading role as a center of excellence within the European Research Area (ERA). Thus, its future plans are directed towards the development of innovative technologies and products. A strong emphasis is placed on research and technological priorities consistent with the objectives of future European Framework Programs and emerging areas of future industrial and market activity. In this respect one can envision the development in the next years of an evolutionary path from the already secure and established areas of activity in the Institute towards emerging areas within reach of CPERI's researchers such as Green Mobility, Green Chemistry and Biochemistry, Energy Security, Food and Health. Our efforts will then focus on establishing conditions that will foster the creation of several sustainable choices for the future activities of the Institute.


This vision for CPERI's future will turn into reality by the following set of lines of action:

  • Sustaining and expanding scientific and technological excellence in existing areas with significant increase of scientific and technological results.
  • Expansion of research activities in new areas targeting scientifically and technologically ambitious results. Full exploitation of European Commission's Framework Programs opportunities and CPERI's existing network of industrial collaborations.
  • Intensification of collaboration with the other Institutes in CERTH as well as with local University departments on the basis of strategic framework agreements.
  • Continued acquisition of new skills and experiences through education and training of personnel following closely current and future trends in the niche areas of CPERI's activities.
  • Management and Exploitation of CPERI's successes with the objective to motivate and inform the Greek society on the value and importance of doing research as a means of development.

Upgrading and extending of the infrastructure of the Institute is a prerequisite in order to exploit and further valorize the excellent research achievements of its researchers. In close collaboration with sister Institutes in CERTH (Hellenic Institute of Transport and Institute of Solid Fuel Technology), CPERI pursues the creation of a new infrastructure (the so-called "Energy Corridor for Green Technologies") that will house all of the rapidly evolving research activities in the area of Energy such as Solar Fuels and related thermochemical technologies as well as their applications in sustainable engine and vehicle/transportation technologies.