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Apart from the above described technology, the Laboratory has also developed technology for the evaluation of some FCC additives: DeSOx and BCA (Bottom Cracking additives):
  • Evaluation of DeSOx additives
    A laboratory procedure has been developed in LEFH for testing the relative SOx-removal activity of various DeSOx additives. The procedure involves full cycles between SOx adsorption and regeneration of the materials, carried out usually at the conditions of a typical FCC unit.
  • Evaluation of BCA additives
    BCA are now very important because of the higher amounts of resid added in the FCC feedstock. The technology developed in CPERI for BCA evaluation is based on the units described above for FCC catalysts. The CDU is the key unit for this evaluation (mettalation procedure) while the final evaluation is carried out in MAT or FCC pilot unit according to a specific protocol.\`