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The Analytical Services Unit (ASU) was established in 1995 as Laboratory of Analysis and Characterization of Solids (LACS). Since 4/1/2007 it's name was changed to ASU. It occupies a total surface of 280 m2.
The main objective of the Unit is to bring together all the analytical instrumentation available in CPERI, in order to provide high quality, reliable and integrated material characterization both at routine level and at advanced fundamental level, that can support successfully applied research projects.
The general, long-term goals of the Unit focus on the establishment of a fully equipped and organized laboratory, that will be able to offer high quality analytical services to both, research projects and industrial private enterprises.The Unit has been accredited with ISO 9002 for the analytical services that it provides.
The Unit is in continuous collaboration with all the CPERI research laboratories and also with private enterprises, in order to ensure the necessary funding for the operation and maintenance of its personnel and equipment.

Mission of the Analytical Services Unit (ASU)
The Analytical Services Unit (ASU) will provide high-quality, cost-effective chemical analysis and related technical support to solve research problems of our clients – Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute, Universities, and others -- and will conduct research and development in analytical chemistry applications