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  • The Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory is participating in competitive European Union Projects in cooperation with Universities, Research Centres and Industrial Organisations. Major industrial partners in European cooperative research programs include: ABB, AEA Technology, BOSCH, CTI, FEV, Fiat, Johnson Matthey, DaimlerChrysler, NoTox Int., Rheinbraun, Volkswagen, AVL, Renault. In addition the APT Laboratory provides contract research and development services to several US and European customers.
  • A close collaboration exists with the Thin Film Development & Characterisation Laboratory , (Dept. of Physics of AUTh) that gives to the APT Laboratory access to advanced Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) systems (DC, RF and unbalanced magnetron sputtering, ion beam deposition, e-gun evaporation, etc), optical characterisation techniques (spectrometric and FTIR ellipsometry, Raman spectroscopy), X-ray reflectomerty & diffraction, nanohardness measurement, SEM, etc.